My family and I have been taking Liba Liba Houseboat holidays for some time now… back when I was a child it was ‘the’ family holiday on an almost yearly basis. I couldn’t wait to hear which number Liba had been booked for the next trip, and I remember the time between holidays seemed sooo long. Nowadays, it’s my children who are just as excited as I still am to make the journey to Renmark in South Australia to begin another chapter in our Liba Liba story.
The Liba’s are totally unique. Not only were they the first hire houseboats on the River Murray back in the 1960’s, but their design drew upon the traditional paddle steamers of an era past. The relaxing sound of a paddle wheel as you cruise past mighty river gums and stately cliffs cannot be matched by other houseboat designs. And these Liba’s are so easy to drive.
Travel upstream from Renmark and you enter one of the most picturesque stretches of the Murray. As a keen photographer, I never tire of these vistas. And I certainly don’t miss the throng of daily life… Escaping the mobile phone, the television, the traffic and the noise, with simply a good book and maybe a transistor radio to listen to the footy or cricket. A good wine doesn’t go astray either. Truly peaceful, at any time of year. Oh, and don’t forget the fishing line and your favourite walking shoes – the kids love to go for a hike. Take a board game and some playing cards – leave all the electronic stuff behind. Hire a canoe for them too, and explore the quiet creeks and backwaters. Relax and have fun at the same time. On this part of the Murray, it’s normal to see perhaps just two or three other boats each day, and you can choose your own mooring place each night, where it seems your Liba is the only craft on the River…
To Carissa and Greg, thank you for continuing to provide ‘our’ family holiday on a Liba Liba, and for upholding the tradition of friendly service that Liba Liba Houseboats has maintained for fifty years. My family’s story on Liba’s continues, and I’m sure our experience and memories are mirrored through many families who have discovered the affordable getaway and sheer relaxation that only a Liba Liba Houseboat holiday can give…
Paul Harvey, Adelaide.

…talk about a true Liba Lover! Have a look the birthday cake Paul made for hise son’s 5th Birthday – just before the last visit July 2012. carissa

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